Summit Biking Projects

So, you might be asking, "Where is the money we raise going?"

The BOD has identified several projects we want to work on and help fund. You can help us do so by making a tax deductible donation to Summit Biking here.Contact Us for additional information.

  • Hwy 91 Rec Path Extension: In late 2018, Summit Biking contributed $20,000 toward the 3 mile rec path extension project south of Copper Mountain. Groundbreaking is expected in 2019.See herefor a complete writeup on the contribution and extension.
  • Lights in Vail Pass Tunnel: Summit Biking funded and led the effort to place lighting in the tunnel near the top of Vail Pass. The project was initially completed in June 2011. In late 2018, we partnered with Summit County Open Space and Trails to refurbish and upgrade the lighting, after which the County agreed to take over ongoing maintenance.
  • Bike rack at "Jeff Ferber's bench" in Frisco.
  • Improved signage throughout the Recpath System: Summit Biking has helped Summit County Open Space and Trails fund several signage improvements including path mile markers and rec path maps installed multiple places throughout the system.
  • Vail Pass Path: Summit Biking worked with County Open Space & Trails to facilitate repair of the bridges and resurface portions of the recpath between Copper Mountain and the Vail Pass rest area.
  • Swan Mountain Recpath: WOW! This project has been completed! The dedication for the final section (a climbing lane from Highway 9 up to Sapphire Point) was dedicated on July 15th, 2011!
path completion

In August 2012, the Summit County Board of Commissioners named the Swan Mountain Recpath project in honor of Bob Guthrie to recognize his leadership role in getting it completed. Click on the Swan Mountain Video menu item above to see Channel 4's story on the path.

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