Idaho Springs/ Georgetown/ Bakerville

This is a nice early or late season ride covering 24 miles and 1,200' of relatively gentle climb from 7,500' up to 8,500'. The start point is in Idaho Springs about 45 minutes east of Summit County on I-70. Take Exit 240, turn left over the freeway and park in town. Consider parking behind the Buffalo Grill and return there for lunch.

The route roughly parallels I-70 on secondary and some service roads. Take a little time to explore Georgetown when you arrive.

You can also start in Georgetown or Bakerville and go the opposite direction if you prefer to do the uphill portion on the way back.

If you would like a little more distance and challenge, continue past Georgetown, through the old mining town of Silver Plume to Bakerville. The route parallels Clear Creek and offers good views of the creek tumbling down through the gorge and mountainside.

This option adds 15 miles round trip and 1,420' of steeper climb for a total of 39 miles and 3,000' of climb. Note that Bakerville is little more than an exit off of I-70 and a parking area where the trail and jeep road to Gray's & Torrey's Peaks starts, so fill water bottles, etc. at the Georgetown Visitor Center.

There is very nice bike path beyond Bakerville for 5 miles to the Loveland Ski Area and accessto the shorter east side of Loveland Pass.

If you prefer a lot more challenge, climb Guanella Pass out of Georgetown.

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