Fremont Pass

Fremont Pass has a broad summit and is the site of the Climax molybdenum mine and is the Tour de Tailing Ponds. The mine has been closed for a number of years before being reopened several years ago.

The summit is 11 miles from Copper Mountain making for a 22-mile round trip with ~2,000' of climb from the Conoco station at Copper. This pass is often ridden in conjunction with a ride to Copper Mountain from Breck, Frisco, Dillon, etc. and/or on to Leadville. It is a is a 54-mile round trip with 3,500' of climbfrom Breckenridgeor a 36-mile ride with 2,700' of climbfrom Frisco. Leadville is about 12 miles further on from the summit, adding 24 miles and 1,600' of climb on the return for a Copper/Leadville round trip. See first portion of the Copper Triangle ride for a one way elevation profile from Copper to Leadville.

Highway 91 heads south toward the pass and is a surprisingly straight road for a pass with only a few turns near the summit. Note that there are a couple false summits before you reach the true summit at the mine. Continuing down the south side of the pass will take you 12 miles through a valley to Leadville. Note the wonderful views as you descend back to Copper. Grades are 2.5% for 5.4 miles, 4.5% for 1.7 miles and 7% for 1.1 miles.

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