Bike Path to Frisco

Between Medical Center & Frisco

This is a good 19-mile out & back ride for kids because other than one short relatively steep hill into the woods just north of the high school, the trail is a very gentle grade downhill to Frisco (and uphill on the return!). The trail can be very busy with other bikers, inline skaters, and hikers so use caution. Many folks think it is a flat ride to Frisco and get fooled by the gradual but steady climb back to Breckenridge, often after a big lunch!

The path starts by the Breckenridge Transportation Center and passes behind the Breckenridge Rec Center (where there is ample parking). The path parallels the Blue River and highway 9 for several miles where itcrosses a few roads and driveways with traffic from the Building Center and Stan Miller Construction Company so use caution.

As the trail approaches Farmer's Corner, it veers to the left around Summit High school and then climbs a hill into the woods where there is a rest stop at the top. The path then continues behind the Summit Medical Center and County Commons into Frisco where any of the turn offs to the right will lead to the Main Street.

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