Ten Mile Creek & Path

Between Frisco & Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain

Arriving at Copper Mountain

This is a nice 30-mile round trip ride from Breckenridge with about 1,400' of climbing, mostly between Frisco and Copper Mountain resort. Alternatively, start from the Frisco Marinaor Frisco's west Main St.parking lotfor a 14-mile round trip with about 900' of climb.

Starting from the Breckenridge Recreation Center, the path heads to Frisco. See the Breckenridge/Frisco ride for details.The path continues around the west side of Frisco and heads to Copper Mountain.

The trail to Copper is is tucked in the woods in Ten-Mile Canyon along an old rail route. Exercise caution when riding this trail in early spring when spots of snow might still be on shady portions of the trail.

There is a rest area on the right side of the path perfect for a picnic lunch about 2 miles from Frisco. Continue on another 2 miles until the climb flattens out and Beaver ponds are on either side.

Upon reaching a parking area and a gas station cross the road into Copper Mountain Resort.

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