Around Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon

This 18-mile, 1,100' climb ride has one significant climb and descent over Swan Mountain on the south side of the lake.

Start at the Frisco Marinaor Dillon Amphitheater.Alternatively, go round trip from Breckenridge for a 31-mile ride with 1,600' of climb.In Frisco, the path starts across the street by the Frisco Cemetery and passes Ten-Mile River outlet, the Summit Middle School and marshlands with views of Lake Dillon. (read Frisco to Keystone ride for more info).

Just after the bike path bridge & before Swan Mountain Road between Dillon and Keystonebut, take a right at the Y in the path and follow the signs to Breckenridge for the continuation of the path in the Summit Cove subdivision.

The path will climb up Swan Mountain through the woods and descend briefly to where it crosses Swan Mountain Road and continues on the other side. Be careful at this intersection! Stop and look!

Once at the top at the Sapphire Point parking area, a walking path takes you to a spectacular view at Sapphire point. The bike path continues on the far side of the lot for about 200 yards before ending at the road. Descend in the downhill traffic lane with windy turns and intense speed.

At the bottom across from the high school, go through the stoplight to resume the bike path on the right just past the light. Turn right at the T intersection onto the main path running behind the high school (turn left to return to Breckenridge). The path climbs a short hill through the woods and around the back of the hospital. A straightaway with numerous turn-offs to the right including a path north of the County Commons, Miner's Creek Road, 2nd and 7th streets lead to Frisco Main Street and back to the Marina.

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